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Samsung TV Remote

Control your Samsung Smart TV using this app ( WiFi & Infrared )

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What it does ?

TV Remote for Samsung allows you to control your Samsung Smart TV just like real remote with lots of latest features like mirroring DLNA, shaking and voice controls, sleep timer and media player etc.
Tired of trying so many apps without any results and not tried this TV Remote Control app then what's the point ??
Now what, Download this free app right now, because this is exactly what you are looking for.

It works in 2 modes. Either on your home WiFi network or Infrared IR blaster.

WiFi Mode

  1. You must have WiFi connected Samsung Smart TV.
  2. Connect your phone to same WiFi network.
  3. Launch the app and accept confirmation message appears on your Samsung TV screen.
  4. Confirmation message can be accepted in your Samsung TV Settings at Menu → Network → AllShare Settings in case if it is rejected by mistake.
  5. All Remote buttons are supported except TV ON. Because your TV is not connected to the WiFi when its switched off, so it can not process the WiFi commands.

Infrared IR Blaster Mode

  1. Inbuilt IR Blaster must be present in your phone such as Samsung Galaxy S, Note 4, LG G3/G4/G5, HTC ONE, Xiaomi Mi / Redmi etc.
  2. No additional hardware is required for Samsung TV remote app.


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How to use ?

Pre-Requisites for Samsung TV Remote control app

Feature List

Supported LED/LCD TV (WiFi Mode)

Supported LED/LCD TV (Infrared IR Mode)

Procedure for downloading or installation of Remote Lan Control (Only for B-Series TVs)

  1. Download "Remote Lan Control" application for TV from Download Remote lan control
  2. Copy the un-zipped files to USB-stick and plug the stick to your TV
  3. Select "Games" menu inside USB-stick, select and start the application
  4. Samsung TV is ready to receive commands from android application now

[Note] If GAMES content type is not available in B-Series TV, fix it in your tv from Enable game option

[Note] Next time TV Off/On needs TV server application run manually :-( , It could be fixed by automated scripts from Startup Script

How to find IP Address of your Smart TV ?


Q. How this app works and what are the requirements ?
A. App control TVs either via WiFi or via Phone inbuilt IR Blaster.

Q. What i need for WiFi mode ?
A. Your TV must support internet services. Your TV and Phone must be connected to same WiFi network.

Q. What i need for IR mode ?
A. Your Phone must have inbuilt IR blaster. No need to connect to WiFi. Search on internet if your phone has inbuilt IR.

Q. Why my TV is not connecting via WiFi mode ?
A. Please make sure that your TV and Phone are connected to same WiFi Router.

Q. Why i am not able to control my TV via IR mode ?
A. Because inbuilt IR blaster is absent in your phone.

Q. Why i am not able to turn ON my TV ?
A. Your TV is not connected to the WiFi internet when it is off. Hence you can not turn it ON.
You can turn ON your tv only when your tv has inbuilt IR blaster. You need to have a phone which has inbuilt IR blaster to turn it ON. Google "Android phones with IR blaster" to find the list of IR blaster enabled android phones.

Q. Why TV is not connected via DLNA mode ?
A. Please check if your TV supports DLNA protocol services.

Q. Can i control my TV vai IR if my Phone and TV are not connected to same WiFi ?
A. Yes.

Q. Can i watch my Phone images on TV ?
A. Yes. It needs WiFi mode.

Q. Why i am not able to control my TV despite of my TV and Phone are connected to same WiFi ?
A. Only Samsung TVs manufactured from the years 2011-2013 (B , C , D , E und F Series) are supported.
Samsung has encripted its networking Protocol for TVs (H and J Series) made from and after 2014 and such TVs are not supported.

How to find IP Address of your Smart TV ?

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