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Control your Roku Device using this app ( WiFi & Infrared )

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What it does ?

Roku Remote : RoSpikes is a best free and simple app to control Roku Streaming Dongles and Roku TVs such as Haier/Hisense/Philips/Sharp/TCL/Element/Insignia/Hitachi,RCA Roku TVs. Stream your Photos, Music and Video on big TV screen vai PlayOnRoku feature.
Tired of trying so many apps without any results and not tried this Roku App then what's the point?
No Worries, Download this free app right now, because this is exactly what you were looking for.

It works in 2 modes. Either on your home WiFi network or Infrared IR blaster.

WiFi Mode

  1. Connect Roku Device to WiFi.
  2. Connect your phone to same WiFi network.
  3. Launch the app and all done. No SetUp is Required. It Scans the Roku Automatically.
  4. All Roku Remote buttons are supported. Supports TV ON/OFF.
  5. * For Roku Dongles: Do Not connect power USB of Roku Device to TV USB. Otherwise it won't Support TV ON/OFF Feature.

Infrared IR Blaster Mode

  1. Open App Navigation drawer. Select IR Mode from WiFi/IR option
  2. Select suitable IR Configuration. All Done. Need not to connect to WiFi. Control Roku even at your friends place without WiFi
  3. No additional hardware is required for Roku Remote app.
  4. * For IR Mode: Inbuilt IR Blaster must be present in your phone such as Xiaomi Redmi Note 7,7 Pro,7s,Mi 9,Mi 9 SE,Mi 9 explorer,Mi A3, Honor 20,20 Pro,View 20, Huawei Mate X,P30 Pro.


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How to use video

Pre-Requisites for Roku Remote control app

Feature List

Supported Roku Devices


Q. How this app works and what are the requirements ?
A. App control Roku Devices either via WiFi or via Phone inbuilt IR Blaster.

Q. What i need for WiFi mode ?
A. Your Roku Device and Android Phone must be connected to same WiFi network.

Q. What i need for IR mode ?
A. Your Android Phone must have inbuilt IR blaster. No need to connect to WiFi. Search on internet if your phone has inbuilt IR.

Q. Why my Roku is not connecting via WiFi mode ?
A. Please make sure that your Roku Device and Phone are connected to same WiFi Router.

Q. Why i am not able to control my Roku via IR mode ?
A. Because inbuilt IR blaster is absent in your Android phone.

Q. Why i am not able to turn ON my TV ?
A. In case of Roku streaming dongle, Connect power USB of Roku device to another power source rather than TV USB.

Q. Can i control my Roku vai IR if my Phone and Roku are not connected to same WiFi ?
A. Yes.

Q. Can i watch my Phone images/music/videos on TV ?
A. Yes. It supports PlayOnRoku feature

Q. Private Listening is Supported?
A. Coming in next release.

Q. Keyboard is Supported?
A. Yes

Q. My Roku Channels are visible in the App?
A. Yes, You can change them directly from the app.

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